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Sep 18th 2020 Cryptocurrency Payments

We have reintroduced the payment with CriptoMonede for the services displayed on, so you can use most of the known public wallets with over 50 known cryptocurrencies or from a private wallet with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XPR) Choose the 'CryptoCurrency' option when paying the invoice and follow the ... Read More »

Aug 28th 2020 Moving to TLS/SSL certificates valid for only 1 year

At the CA/Browser (CA/B) Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia, Apple announced that beginning Sept. 1, newly issued publicly trusted TLS certificates are valid for no longer than 398 days, joining Google and Mozilla in this decision. This followed a long history of the CA/B Forum community working to reduce certificate lifetimes and improve security ... Read More »

Aug 25th 2020 New VPS management interface

We are so excited about our new VPS management interface, that we offer a 10% cupon for all new VPN orders until 31.08.2020, with promo code NEWPANEL10 .

VPS management

May 27th 2020 Ubuntu 20.04 now available

We are proud to announce the availability of Ubuntu 20.04 on all VPS plans (both KVM and OpenVZ) at

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