Is my website protected in any way ?

Yes, with Imunify360 plugin your website is protected from speeding malicious files.

"Imunify360 protects hosted websites against malware infections, web attacks, vulnerability exploitation and all other threats".


Please note that Imunify360 does not protect your website from hijacking or unauthorized file upload due to deprecated or vulnerable scripts used - for this please always update your scripts and plugins manually or via Softaculous for public scripts (available in your webhosting account). 

 Also for extra security please activate for all of your hosted domains ModSecurity - this a Web Application Firewall (WAF) included within Apache, this will protect you from scripting attacks like: SQL injections, cross-site-scripting, illegal php queries etc. ModSecurity is available in all of our clients cPanel webhosting accounts.

To protect from DDOS, we recommend a dedicated service like CloudFlare - check out our blog article on hot to register and use this service

The last recommendation to secure your website is to serve your website only via HTTPS, the free Let's Encrypt certificates can be managed easily from the user cPanel.

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