Is port 25 opened on my VPS ?

The SMTP port 25 (outbound) is blocked for all new VPS plans.

As sending mass spamming is considered an abuse by most VPS sellers including us for sending entire IP classes into blacklisted that causes restricting of access by modern firewalls, antiviruses and even browsers to clients services. So long story short to keep our IP ranges clean and not blacklisted we recommend to our customers in search of a mailing list solutions to use services as:


If your project/service does require sending of a small number of emails please present your case in a ticket to us and we will decide if the intent is legit.

In case of abuse, spamming or mass mailing the VPS service will be terminated.

Please note that all incoming communications and mail receiving on port 25 is allowed.

Please re-read our Read our Terms and Conditions ( accepted at the service ordering step.

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