Spam after Domain Registration?

Unfortunately, starting with 2016, the problem is becoming more and more demanding, SPAMs use WHOIS sites (such as with newly registered domains. The Whois database contains domain management information: Name, Address, Email, Phone).

Because Whois information is a publicly accessible database, spammers can access this information and use it for personal data, although this is forbidden. Spammers find ways to capture and use data, regardless of sanctions. In this case, you may receive service offerings, and in some (rare) cases, computer viruses, spyware or other malicious software have been broadcast. We would like to point out that these activities are due to entities abusing the Whois database - these spammers are in no way affiliated or approved by - we do not control these spammers - other than adding email addresses to a Blacklist on servers. So if you have web hosting purchased from please send a list of addresses from which you received spam to add them to our Blacklist.

On a short search on Google you can find hundreds of such topics explaining the phenomenon, in most cases customers blame the company for registering the domain by selling this cointact information - which is not true.

Our recommendation: Do not replay to this type of emails!

Final Note: does NOT commercialize / provide this third-party contact information for free to third parties.

Thank you for understanding.

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