Confirming WHOIS data for domain registration

After confirming the registration of a new domain at you will receive an email with the title "Please confirm your contact details for domain.tld"


Dear USER,


The domain name domain.tld will be managed by us on your behalf. This specific extension needs confirmation by you; the domain name holder. Please confirm the information below with the following link:


(If the link does not work from within your e-mail client, please copy and paste the entire link into your browser's address bar and press enter.)

Your privacy is being guaranteed under ICANN, registry regulations and applicable law.


The registered contact details are:





Postal Code







The link above will stay valid until Month Day, Year 00:00:00 PM UTC.



To complete the confirmation follow the link form of the email on the new open web page confirmed / tick the data as in the screen below:

This Contact Confirmation (Whois) is imposed by ICANN for all web domain registrars by recently imposed regulations.

More information about this process:

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