The first login on the VPS server after the Order Confirmation / OS Reinstall

Before you log on SSH on your server, you must complete the following steps:


1. Access My Account> Services> My Services

2. Choose the Service with the name "VPS xxx" by clicking on the row with this product

3. In the "Server Information" tab, choose "Reinstall OS"

4. In the "Install OS" tab under "Select OS", choose the desired Linux or Windows distribution from the list

5. Under WARNING: All data will be erased! choose "I understand" and "Reinstall Server"

6. Gave up to 5 minutes until you try to click Refresh to see the installation status

7. After 5 minutes , you will receive a new installation vps log with status "Server sub.domain.tld installation. Completed"


here you will also see the root password.


This steps can be made also for reinstalling your OS

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