Validation process for Business Validation (BV)

Business validation requires domain verification and company document delivery to verify the authenticity of your business. The validation process is manual and takes about two to three business days to complete the entire validation process. The Certification Provider (CA) may require you to provide extra documents for your company in rare cases. The most frequently used in this process will be the documents in Step 1:

Gold rules to pass the validation quickly


Step 1 - Provide Documents

Certification Authorities can request documents such as the incorporation act, ONRC registration certificate, or other data that confirms your business's identity. You can send documents by mail, fax, or simply by e-mail in PDF / JPG / DOC.

Verify your identity and address

Other checks consist of.

• Verifying to the local trade authority (ONRC) the creation, existence or legal recognition of the applicant's quality;

• Checking the data provided about the applicant and company in an external database;

• A visit to the Company's premises by a representative or third party representing CA's authority;

• A letter of attestation.

QIIS - Public databases on companies



• - UK

• - LV


Address verification

SSL Provider may use the following documents to verify the ADDRESS provided the identity has been verified as required above:

• Settlement Act (with address)

• registration certificate from ONRC (with address)

• Copy of a recent bank statement / bank statement statement

• Copy of a recent phone bill

• Copy of a utility bill issued to the Company (ie the energy bill, water bill, etc.) or the current rental agreement for the company's office space.


Step 2 - Checking Whois

This step requires verification of your company name and your listed address in Whois of your domain name,

if you use your private record, then you need to disable it during the validation process, otherwise you will not be able to pass Whois verification.


Step 3 - Domain Validation (DCV)

The validation process is very simple and easy; All you need is to respond to the automated DCV (Domain Control Validation) message that will be sent to your email address. Check out more about domain validation here:


Step 4 - Check your phone number

The final step is the reverse call process when the CA checks the company's phone number (displayed on public pages or in general databases such as DNB / Hoovers / Yellow Pages.

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