How to pay with Cryptocurrency ?

Choosing the CryptoCurrency payment option - through cryptocurrency the payment is made as follows: Choose the payment method and click Pay Now, you will be redirected to the page where you will choose the wallet / cryptocurrency in which you want to pay, please follow the PitPay processor instructions. After clicking the little Pay Now you have 15 minutes to complete the payment, If this time window has passed the price of the cryptocurrency is unlocked and the amount displayed will no longer be identical to what needs to be paid. After 15 minutes, it will be necessary to resume the payment steps. Confirmation of payments takes between 5 minutes and a maximum of 6 hours. Attention - Transaction Fee or Gas Fee are applied depending on the chosen currency and the way in which the cryptocurrency network charges the transfers of the respective cryptocurrencies. Also, some public wallets may apply fees depending on the amounts paid or the currencies used.
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