Automatic IP Blocking

There is the possibility that in some cases your access or your clients may be temporarily or permanently blocked for web hosting services (ftp and / or website)

Entry Messages: "The resource is offline", "This site can not be accessed at this time", "The FTP server is not allowing requests at this time", "Connection refused"


Here are some reasons why this IP blocking may occur

- FTP access with the wrong FTP password more than 4 times

- Repeated access to a very small (millisecond) interval of an ftp, http, https, mysql

- DDOS attack attempt

- Excessive download of the same item (page, graphic, file, ...) from the same IP

- etc.


Locking is of 2 types:

 - Temporarily: for 10 minutes (time is calculated from the last access attempt) - if during this time the resource is reacted time is extended for another 10 minutes.

 - Permanent: unlimited time - unlocking is only achieved through the ticket by the support team following the request of the administrator of the hosting account law.


Note: Once an IP has been locked 4 times temporarily, it enters a perpetual filtering list.

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