Why should I use an SSL Certificate for my website

SSL is the cryptographic protocol created specifically to keep communications over the Internet secure. Lately, more and more website administrators have replaced the http protocol with https to obtain a series of advantages:

  • Encryption of information – to block the interception of sensitive information entered on a website, such as user, passwords, personal data or bank details.
  • Authenticity – it is important for a user to know that the website used is a reliable one and is not a fake one created for phishing / scam. Thus, there are 3 types of certificates: Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV).
  • SEO and Google Rank Boost – Starting in August 2014, Google emphasizes the use of the https protocol and offers a better ranking to websites that are ssl certified, often displaying them before those without a certificate. Also Bing, Yahoo and Yandex take into account the SSL certificate for display with priority in searches.
  • Security indicator – all DV, OV and EV certificates have a secure connection icon (a green padlock) in the browser bar. Moreover, websites with EV certificates (which offer maximum security) are displayed with the well-known ‘green bar’.
  • Professionalism and attracting buyers – Your customers and business partners will appreciate more a website that displays trust through an ssl certificate especially by using an OV or EV certificate. Studies have also shown that using a certificate leads to a 20% increase in sales by completing shopping carts that would otherwise be abandoned – because without https customers become insecure about the reputation of the website where they want to make purchases.