How to get your own blog online in less then 15 minutes

Maybe we want to create a blog, but we don’t have the necessary knowledge and we give up. In fact, it is not so difficult, below we find 8 simple steps for creating a blog at a web hosting provider, in just 10 minutes:

  1. We access the website and choose from the Web Hosting menu;
  2. Select the desired hosting plan (recommended for the beginning ‘Plan S’) and press the Order button;
  3. Follow the steps to register add a web domain and complete the order (including payment of the invoice);
  4. After receiving the email confirmation of the activation of the order (maximum 5 minutes), access the My Account menu on the above mentioned website;
  5. Here we choose My Services, then ‘Plan S’. And here we find the access link in cPanel;
  6. In cPanel click on the ‘Softaculous’ icon in the Software / Services section;
  7. In the Softaculous screen, choose the WordPress icon and click on the installation option and follow the simple installation steps;
  8. Access the commanded domain.tld / wp-admin / and log in to the administration interface to change the theme or to set the blog plugins.