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Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of using the services provided by Speedhub Solution SRL through the WWW.SPEEDHUB.EU website.

We hereby notify you that we reserve the right to modify these terms, if necessary, without prior notice.

1 Services provided by SPEEDHUB.EU


SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL (hereinafter referred to as SPEEDHUB.EU) with headquarters in Bucharest, Strada Predeal, Nr. 30A, Sector 2, Postal code 023407, Romania, Europe and registered with the trade register no. J40 / 3836/2017 (through the website SPEEDHUB.EU) provides electronic services based on the terms and conditions listed below.

Registering an account (order) on the SPEEDHUB.EU website represents your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described in this page.

We also inform you that these Terms and Conditions represent the Contract between SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL and its Clients.

1.1. Domains
1.1.1 Domains are registered for the minimum 1 year period. After registration, the domain name can not be changed (reference is made to both the domain name and the domain extension - referred to as the TLD).
1.1.2 Domains are registered on behalf of the user and the name of the user who becomes the rightful owner during the period paid. Domain contact information is the required data to be provided to identify the domain owner.
1.1.3 Renewal is made before the expiration of the term with a maximum of 60 days and at least 1 day before maturity. The expiration date is displayed in your account under 'My Services'. For renewal, the prolongation period may vary from the purchase price, with most registrars offering a promotional price for the first year. Please make sure that you have completed the registration / reload / transfer pricelist found on this page TLD Prices
The renewal of the .EU domains must be completed (by paying the invoice) at least 5 days before expiration to prevent the domain being sent by EURis (the entity that manages the .EU extension) to quarantine. Reactivating the quarantine domains is charged with the amount of EUR 100 plus VAT plus the price of the .EU domain and VAT.
1.1.4 Domain transfer is allowed by TLD registrars (SPEEDHUB.EU being one of them) for most domains. To transfer a domain to SPEEDHUB.EU you need to have the EPP (web domain authorization code) code. Here's how to access the 'Transfer' Domain Registration page and follow the steps. Warning: The EPP code can be obtained from your current account from the supplier where you purchased the TLD, please contact for more details.
1.1.5 In exceptional cases where the TLD owner violates the legislation in force in some or all countries, the authorities may notify the TLD issuing authority or registrar of blocking access to it.
1.1.6 At he momment we register .RO domains trough ROTLD only for 1, 2 or 3 years at a time.
1.1.7 Only certain available domains TLD may be registered Here .
1.1.8 Exceeding the due date::
Ziua 1-10 Day 1-10 The domain is blocked and is not accessible by visitors. The customer can reactivate the domain by paying the domain renewal price for at least 1 year. After paying for the domain, it becomes accessible after 8-24 hours (depending on DNS propagation).
Day 11-29 The domain is blocked and is not accessible by visitors. The customer can reactivate the domain for a re-charge fee of <= 100 Euro (excluding VAT) + reactivation price (plus VAT) of the domain for at least 1 year.
Day 30- The domain is released and will be blocked by the TLD legal provider for 3-12 months according to the TLD. The domain can no longer be reactivated in any form until it leaves the TLD provider quarantine (3-12 months)..
1.1.9 For the extension of domains offered free of charge in an hosting offer, the normal TLD renewal fee will be paid. In case the transfer of a domain offered free of charge in the first year of registration to another registrant, the client will pay the value of the domain received free of charge.

1.2 Web Hosting
1.2.1 Web hosting service refers to hosting on a server and serving web pages on the Internet. We offer varied or costumed plans for clients. The services are based on CloudLinux (server operating system), cPanel (administration panel), Apache, NginX and LightSpeed ??(optimization platforms and web publishing platforms).
1.2.2 The use of services in parameters includes the failure to allocate resources assigned to each allocated package. Hosted Domains / Allocated Space / Nr. databases / number of mail per minute / number of concurrent connections (competing processes) / maximum 5% CPU and 200 RAM constantly.
1.2.3 Exceeding the resources allocated to the package you have chosen falls into two types:
a. Type 1 resources per plan: Total monthly traffic / Nr. Hosted Domains / Allocated Space / Nr. databases / number of mail per minute / database number - this limit can be increased by upgrading to a higher plan at the price displayed for that plan.
b. Tip2: Frequent overrun of 15 concurrent connections (simultaneous processes) / frequent consumption of> 5% CPU and> 200MB RAM - These limitations should be discussed directly with the support team to provide a service continuation solution by SPEEDHUB.
At Excessive Type 2 resource access, access to your site may be suspended until contacting the support team.
1.2.4 The most common causes are Host Hosting Plan inappropriate for hosted sites (Excessive Traffic, Large Visitors, Large Database Queries, Unoptimized Script). You can contact us to determine according to the specificity of the site you host, which hosting solution to adopt.
1.2.5 To ensure that the future web hosting account is not suspended please read also '3. Activation and Suspension Services' section 3.2 paragraphs bcdef and g. (Below)
1.2.6 Backup is automatically performed weekly by automated tasks, but we do not guarantee 100% the integrity of the data recovered from the backup (files + databases) so each client has the obligation to perform a backup with a certain frequency manually and store this backup on your personal computer / harddisk / cloud.
1.2.7 Upon request you can upgrade / downgrade to your hosting account from any package displayed to another, taking into account the following:
- When the process is upgraded by the user in the control panel, this process automatically involves creating a new invoice at the price of the chosen plan (the remaining credit is not converted or redeemed). The upgrade is activated upon payment confirmation. Monthly invoicing will be made to the upgrade plan. Your account data is retained by the system at the time of payment of the newly issued invoice. Your data is kept active and does not imply a downtime (and if it appears it will not be longer than 5 minutes)
- The downgrade process is done by the user in the control panel, this process does not involve reflowing until the expiration of the current paid period in advance. Your account data is kept and does not involve a downtime. After the paid period has elapsed, the new price for the downgraded plan will be invoiced. The difference between the previous and the current plan is not reimbursed.
1.2.8 Exceeding the due date:
Day 1-10: Your account remains active but will be inaccessible to your visitors. You will have access to Cpanel and FTP
Day 11-29: Account content will be retained. You will not have access to Cpanel and FTP. Access to data in case of non-payment during this period is made by paying a fee of 15 Euro.
Day 30-: Your Cpanel account with all the data in it is erased.

1.3 VPS Servers
1.3.1 A VPS server is a virtual server hosted on a physical server along with other virtual servers. Virtualization platforms are multiple OpenVZ, KVM, VMWare. Each server has a set of CPU / RAM / HDD / IP / Traffic / OS band resources.
By choosing a VPS package, choose the resources you need in order not to exceed 90% of your frequent CPU / RAM resources or more than 59 minutes.
Thus, overcoming these resources as mentioned above. Your VPS will be limited to 10% of resources until you resolve the excess resource problem. Also each package has a total monthly traffic, when it is exceeded, the speed of the ethernet port is limited from the speed assigned on the chosen plan to 10MB/s till the bigining of next month.
CPU / RAM limitation: To eliminate the CPU / RAM limitation after repairing the excess resurfacing issue, please open a ticket to reactivate your guaranteed resources service in the paid package. At the 2nd deviation in which your vps server automatically enters under the limit, the service will be suspended. Payment in advance will not be refunded. The only way you can continue is to buy a higher package.
Traffic Bandwidth Limit: To eliminate this limitation, there are two options - either waiting for the beginning of a new month when the traffic meter is reset or upgraded to a higher plan that includeds more bandwidth. 1.3.2 VPS does not include data backup. Thus, the client has the obligation to periodically make a manual backup of files and databases hosted on VPS..
We can not be held responsible for data loss created by user when deleting filles or does a OS reinstall from Control Panel and we do not provide file recovery services for VPS.
1.3.3 Before registering a VPS service, please read and make sure that the service you wish to host does not fall into the list under '3. Activation and Suspension Services' subpoint 2.2 paragraph d
1.3.4 When you want, you can DO ONLY do Plan Upgrades to your vps server from any package to any upper plan - inside of each type displayed (but not from OpenVZ to KVM or vice versa), taking into account the following aspects:
- When the upgrade process is started by the user in the control panel, this process automatically involves creating a new invoice at the price of the chosen plan (the remaining credit is not converted or redeemed). The upgrade is activated upon payment confirmation. Monthly invoicing will be made to the upgrade plan. Your account data is retained by the system at the time of payment of the newly issued invoice. Your data is kept active and does not imply a downtime of the VPS service.br> 1.3.5 Exceeding the due date:
Day 1-5: The service is not accessible to both the customer and visitors. The service can be reactivated by paying the outstanding bill.
Day 6: The service is off. The VPS server is deleted, making it impossible to recover stored data.
1.3.6 1.3.6 The VPS service does not include management, so SPEEDHUB.EU undertakes to provide the service to the parameters dictated in the offer (the chosen / paid plan) and to provide support only in case of infrastructure disruptions or automatic installation of the OS template. Our support does not include: installing custom programs and services, firewall configuration, resource optimization, bug fixes following user intervention in OS, etc.

1.4 SSL certificates
1.4.1 SSL certificates are registered on one or more domains. The administration process does not allow changing the domains once registered with the certificate until the certificate expires. So please carefully check the data you filled out at the registration of the certificate. For businness validation (BV) or extended validation (EV) certificates, proof of your Company's registration and extensive personal data will be required (authorized copy of your business, the invoice for the domain that you want to be certified or other documents in your office by the certificate provider).
1.4.2 Our suppliers practice different prices for identical products, so different products can be displayed for a product with identical features on the site. Each issuing authority (supplier) of certificates with its own reputation and guarantees compatibility between 99.6% and 99.9% with existing web browsers on the market.
1.4.3 The validity of a DV validation and BV validation is 1 or 2 years. The price for an EV (extended validation) certificate is also 1 or 2 years.
1.4.4 Depending on the characteristics of the certificate, the issuance time may vary (check the offer to find out the time of issue). Emission time displayed 'starts' from payment confirmation + completion of customer certificate issuance data in the control panel and domain validation.
1.4.5 Exceeding the due date:
Day 1 - Visitors will be able to access your HTTPS site, but will be notified that the certificate is out of date and the site is unsafe for access.

2 Orders & Payments:
2.1 We would like to inform you that all the prices displayed on the site are in the Euro currency and do not include VAT for EU countries. In the chart area, prices are updated with VAT % for he European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries. SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS will pay the VAT in the name of the customer to his country finance department every semester.

2.1.1 Commissions: There are no charges for payments processed through MobilPay / Paypal. (the price shown on the invoice being the final ones).

2.2 All payments made by MobilPay and PayPal processors are done with CVV (make sure you have activated the 3D Secure service for your safety).
Our site does not store your bank card information or 3D Secure code. This information is provided directly to the MobilePay / Paypal payment processor via a secure connection (HTTPS) on its payment page. 2.3 Please ensures that:.
- your card is not expired.
- you have enough funds on your card before paying.
- you do not have the card locked or set a maximum payment threshold.
2.4 If the payment is not successful, although all the data has been entered correctly and your account associated with the card has sufficient funds, please contact your bank service provider (the bank issuing your card).
2.5 If your company is a VAT payer, please fill in your profile this info and do not pay the invoice untill you do not receive the OK from our Support that the VAT waz set to Reverse VAT tax (zero on your invoice). If in some way the PAyment is made the VAT will be credited out of the next invoice (as our invoicing and payment processing is done autmaticaly)
2.6 We want to let you know that all services are paid in advance. On the day following the due date, the service will be deactivated and the specific reactivation terms applied to each service shown in this TOS.
2.7 For our refund policy please check this link.
2.9 Prices displayed on the site do not include VAT. Value Added Tax (VAT) is added to the final price because SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL is registered as a VAT payer in Romania with the code RO37256459. We inform you that the counterfeit in statements is contrary to the law in any country and might by punish by local autorities.

3 Activation and Suspend Services::

The service is activated after the processor confirms the payment to SPEEDHUB.EU. Activation according to the chosen service is done automatically or manually in few cases by an operator. If a service has exceeded the activation period by 2 hours, although the payment has been confirmed by the payment processor, please open a support ticket for us to check what happend.
Orders not paid in 5 days from the date of ordering through the customer's website are canceled and re-ordering will be required.
3.2 Suspension of services may occur if:
a. the payment term (invoice maturity / due date) was exceeded (the invoice term being 7 days for most type of services except domains);
b. are in violation of the terms and conditions on this site;
c Web hosting - over 15 concurrent connections,> 5% CPU,> 200MB RAM / VPS Server - more than 90% of CPU and RAM resources frequently or more than 59 consecutive minutes;
d. Our services are used to promote: pornographic materials; non-copyrighted materials (books, graphics, templates, software, music, serials, movies or documentaries); incitement to racial or religious hatred; terrorism; activities with drugs or firearms; any other type of illegal or regulated products; pornography of any kind; trafficking human beings; hacking - proxy - spam - botnet - shell - ddos; rss aggregator, web statistics or toplist aggregator; ad portals cpc / cpa / cpm; VPN servers - DNS - IRC - BNC - Streaming - Torrent - Upload / Download, Game Hosting (except flash games) or any other activity that leads to consumption beyond the limits for your excessive resource allocation plan;
e. A Web service or VPS is the target of a Denial of Service (DDOS) attack and it can not be blocked by firewalls and affects other shared hosting clients (in rare cases - until mitigated).
f. running a Web service or VPS that affects in any way other shared clients on the same server;
g. Sending unsolicited commercial messages (SPAMs) using our servers or third-party services connected to SPEEDHUB.eu will result in the suspension or cancellation of the customer's hosting account without refund and without prior notice. h. the competent authorities expressly request us to stop this service. 3.3 Trial 90 Days or Promotions that offer free Web Hosting / SSL Domains or Certificates have special conditions that are presented in these promotions. Any other administrative point of the service falls under the Terms and Conditions presented in this page.

4 Terminare servicii

4.1 Termination / Termination of SPEEDHUB.EU's paid or free service to customers will only be made after the customer notifies SPEEDHUB.EU in writing of his wish to avoid future invoicing for active services. Also, if you wish to close a single service and stop the re-payment of the services at the due date, please let us know in writing via the ticket in the portal accessible in the menu "SUPPORT" or via the contact form via the "CONTACT" menu with minimum 5 days prior to the refurbishment period of the service.

5 Retrieving personal data

SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL (hereinafter referred to as SPEEDHUB.EU) with headquarters in Bucharest, 30A Street, Predeal Street, District 2, Postal Code 023407 (through the SPEEDHUB.EU website) processes personal data in accordance with current Romanian and EU regulations.

In accordance with the GDPR Regulation, your rights relate to personal data:

* Right to information - You can request information about the processing of your personal data;

* Right to rectification - You can rectify inaccurate personal data or fill it in;

* The right to delete the data ('the right to be forgotten') - you can obtain the deletion of the data, if the processing was not legal or in other cases provided by the law;

* The right to restrict the processing - you may request restriction of processing if you challenge the accuracy of the data, as well as in other cases provided by the law;

* Opposition right - You can oppose in particular data processing that is based on our legitimate interest;

* Data portability - You may receive, under certain conditions, the personal data you have provided us in a format that can be read automatically, or you may request that the data be transmitted to another operator;

* Right to file a complaint - you can complain about the way of processing personal data to the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing;

* Right to withdraw consent - in cases where processing is based on your consent, it can be withdrawn at any time. Withdrawal of consent will only have effect for the future, processing prior to the withdrawal remaining valid;

* he right not to be subject to automatic automated decisions or profiling related to automated decisions: you can ask for and get human intervention about that processing, or you can express your point of view about this type of processing.

You can exercise these rights, individually or collectively, very easily, by simply sending a request to the email address dop [at] speedhub [dot] eu

The processed personal data includes name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, CNP, and details of the orders sent to the subscriber. Your personal data will be stored and processed for a period of time to achieve the purpose of the processing.

You have the right to require the operator to access your personal data, rectify, delete or restrict the processing, as well as the right not to process or transfer it. You also have the right to portability of data under certain conditions.

By creating an account and / or making an order you agree that SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL will record and keep your personal data confirmation / order registration / order confirmation / identity / registration confirmation by SPEEDHUB.EU at the TLD supplier registered contact details / use of contact data to present your service status or to provide you with promotional / email services no more than 2 times per month for emails or contain vouchers / shopping coupons for services provided by SPEEDHUB.EU .

You can always choose to unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on the 'UnSubscribe' link or by contacting us in the contact form. This unsubscription does not affect notification emails for: new orders, service renewal, technical notifications on your active services, invoices, or password retrieval.

Your personal data may be processed by other entities designated by SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL to process the data on its behalf and on its behalf. However, SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL remains the operator of your data. Thus, it is possible to transmit the data to public authorities, external consultants, empowered to whom we have outsourced the provision of certain services in Romania or abroad or the European Union / European Economic Area, but we always ensure that we provide appropriate safeguards for data protection for example, contractual terms of confidentiality and data protection).

Data such as: Card Number, Card Expiration Date, Card Holder Name, Card Type, and CVV Code are managed exclusively by the MobilPay / Paypal.com Payment Processor (more details at www.mobilpay.com and www.paypal.com respectively) . The processing of the 3D Secure PIN or Password is processed on the 3D Secure page managed exclusively by the VISA or Mastercard payment processor in a popup that is managed by the Bank that issued the card used for payment. All this bank information is not saved or stored in any way by SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL

We inform you that all payments made through the MobilPay / PayPal processor are done with CVV and if necessary by checking in the 3D Secure portal (make sure that you have activated this service for your safety and that you only know this code).

SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL may request under certain conditions and for certain services presented to legal entities Copy of company registration to the Trade Register / Copy of the last invoice for the domain you own, letter of recognition of the person responsible for managing the company account in relation with Speedhub Solutions SRL and SSL Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte (business validation) or extended validation type certificates.

The SPEEDHUB.EU site uses the HTTPS protocol, which provides data encryption during their transfer between the client's browser and the SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL servers.

All information entered on www.speedhub.eu , www.mobilpay.ro , www.paypal.com as well as in the 3D Secure popup of your banking service provider is transmitted through a secure connection HTTPS). Always check the site's certificate in which you enter your data for it to authenticate the above mentioned site identities.

SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL does not request by e-mail or telephone the following personal or private data: Password for client account / Password for hosted services / Code EPP / Credit Card No. / CVV No. / 3D Secure Code / Password for PayPal / CNP / ID No. If you have been asked for this information, please contact us.

Also, if you have entered your personal data into a bogus site and you have already sent the form data, contact the bank that issued the card and accurate information about the steps you have taken and your banking information sent for them to take action and advise you on blocking temporary your bank account


We inform you that access to your personal data is secured with user and password for the customer account (used by the client - the owner of the personal data) and for the central administration panel of the website (used by the administrator - personal).

6 Legal
6.1 If a customer violates the national or international legislation in force, we reserve the right to immediately suspend access to the service and, at the request of the authorities, to provide information to the owner of the service.
6.2 Also, if following the monitoring or reporting of an abuse, your account violates the terms and conditions displayed, we will suspend the service indefinitely, without accessing the hosted information or refunding the amount already paid for subscriptions.
6.3 The Customer declares that he understands and agrees that in the case of damages suffered by the Customer represented by the temporary non-provision of a purchased service (solely due to Speedhub Solutions SRL), the total amount of claims claimed may not be higher than the amounts paid by the user for the service at the last billing cycle.
6.4 Disputes between Speedhub Solutions SRL will be tried to settle amicably in the first instance, and if this is not possible, the dispute will be tried in court in Romania.
6.5 In the event of major earthquakes, floods, upstream traffic that affect the city where the datacenter is housed, data center fire, major loss on storage equipment, or other law enforcement events such as force majeure, we will notify customers by the possible means of these events. And we can not be attracted to the inactivity of services, access to data if they are stranded or the impossibility of repaying the amounts paid in advance.

8 Final provisions:
8.1 SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL (through SPEEDHUB.EU) reserves the right to update the prices (ascending or descending) in relation to the market conditions. The prices are updated periodically according to fluctuations of the Euro exchange rates and modifications in prices made by TLD/SSL providers. If the price displayed in Euro undergoes changes, users will be notified of these changes through the Announcements area. We also reserve the right to make any additions, cancellations or changes to the Terms and Conditions, in the offer of services offered on the site at any time, by making it through the site or the customer control panel (the Announcements area). 8.2 The guaranteed uptime is 99.7% and does not include incidents caused by force majeure, breach of terms and conditions, changes and DNS propagation by the client, DDOS or hacking attacks as well as maintenance works previously announced to users at https://speedhub.eu/serverstatus.php (Network Area Status) and https://speedhub.eu/announcements.php (Announcements area)
8.3 SPEEDHUB.EU Administrators may refuse orders from previous reputable or past customers whose accounts have been previously deactivated for non-compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this page. SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL also reserves the right to choose its clients who will use the services displayed on the SPEEDHUB.EU website
8.4 The SPEEDHUB.EU Logo, the Speedhub name and the website SPEEDHUB.EU, belong to SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL with the following identification data: SPEEDHUB SOLUTIONS SRL, CIF: RO37256459 Nr. Reg Com. J40 / 3836/2017.

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